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Why you should backup IPHost monitoring database

Backup your monitoring database to prevent data loss Q: Do I need to backup IPHost monitoring database? A: Every backup copy decreases risk of data loss. Please note that every hardware device will fail sooner or later, that includes memory chips, storage devices (such as hard disks, solid-state drives etc), and so on. OS and/or […]

How I may be sure monitoring database gets backed up?

How can I get notified if monitoring database automated backup gets too old? Q: IPHost creates automated backup file (nms.gbak) for monitoring database. How can I get alerted if it stops updating it? A: You can check backup file(s) age by means offered below. However, you should also do your own monitoring database backups if […]

How to prevent IPHost installation data loss?

I restored monitoring database from backup, but it’s still corrupted. How to avoid losing IPHost data in future? Q: My computer running IPHost Network Monitor crashed. I attempted steps described in Knowledge Base article on restoring database, but database remains damaged and unusable. What shall I do to prevent losing my IPHost installation data? A: […]