May 2013 (3.1 build 6645)

May 2013 (3.1 build 6645)


Web Transaction Monitor is based now upon Internet Explorer engine, to improve compatibility with various web sites.


Added option to perform alerts periodically, when monitor remains in one of problem states.

Added support for internationalized domain names.

Added option “User Agent” for HTTP(S) monitors.

HTTP(S) monitors now also support Icecast and SHOUTcast protocols.

Added the “Log out” link into the main and mobile web interfaces.

“DNS Name” option can now be used for networks with large number of DHCP systems to be polled by DNS name instead of IP address. New mechanism of asynchronous domain names resolution results in better program performance and reduced network traffic.

Global Settings dialog has been compacted to fit small notebooks screens.


IPHost service will not send ping packets with ICMP.Id equal to zero. This should improve compatibility with some firewalls that might block such packets.

Service is now tracking Web interface presence more closely and promptly restarts it if Web server was shutdown unexpectedly. The Web interface is not shutdown on systems like Windows XP when user was logging off from terminal session.