June 2022 (5.3 build 14217)

June 2022 (5.3 build 14217)

This is a maintenance and update release.

Software components

Third-party tools such as Apache HTTP server, OpenSSL, curl and other libraries have been updated to their latest stable versions. SSH-based monitors can now use Ed25519 keys.

Monitoring service

  • HTTPS monitors have been enhanced to support TLS 1.3 encryption protocol.

  • Improved accuracy of timing measurements in performance report for all monitor types. Previously, resolution of timing measurements was limited to the range of 10 milliseconds to 16 milliseconds, now the resolution is about 1 millisecond.

Web interface

  • When the Web-interface host setting is set to $auto, the application tries to use the address of the uplink connection by default. If it fails to determine the uplink connection address, the loopback address ( is used.

  • An editable combo box is now used to set the Web-interface host setting. It allows the user to easily choose one of the computer’s network interfaces, as well as to enter the address manually.


SNMP-based monitors:

  • String response validation conditions for OCTET STRING values in SNMP monitors are checked regardless of the returned value.

  • The client application shows SNMP OCTET STRING values in text form without modifications if they are not subject of scaling or another processing by the monitor. Otherwise both numeric and textual values separated by a colon are shown.

DNS monitors: a possibility to specify multiple strings to validate result of a DNS request is added. If the DNS request has multiple results, every result is validated against all the specified strings. The following variants supported:

  • status is OK, if some of the results exactly matches one of the specified strings;

  • status is OK, if none of the results exactly matches any of the specified strings;

  • status id OK, if some of the results contains one of the specified strings;

  • status is OK, if none of the results contains any of the specified strings.