May 2017 (5.0 build 11530)

May 2017 (5.0 build 11530)

This is an update release, with new features introduced, and bugs fixed.

New monitors and application templates

  • Added VmWare Host, VmWare Virtual Machine, VMWare Datastore monitors and Applications. Use them to check parameters of Host, Virtual Machines, and Datastore on VMware vSphere Hypervisor.
  • Added support for “depend on ping” dependency option.


  • Improved monitoring database backup. Added extra integrity checks when backing up the database.
  • Added an option to perform full database backup at any moment.
  • Multiple backups can be stored now. Backup schedule is configurable through settings.
  • Added a simple way to restore monitoring database from backup.

Monitoring Service

  • Improved discovery for WMI, SNMP, SSH disk space and traffic monitors. Now IPHost service will discover monitors for all disks and network interfaces.
  • SSH (Remote Script or Program) monitor has been improved to support execution of scripts defined in local file or in a “Script body” text box while passing parameters to those scripts. Different interpreters use different rules for passing script parameters in such a case; the following most popular ones were checked:
    bash, dash, csh, zsh, perl, python, ruby, nodejs, php

    before this fix, parameters were not recognized by perl, python, ruby and nodejs scripts.

Web Interface

  • Now measurement units are shown on monitor performance charts in cases when different combinations of settings use different units.