July 2011 (3.1 build 5571)

July 2011 (3.1 build 5571)


Web Transaction Monitor:

  1. New monitor wizard last page popups WTM recorder to user while he/she creates new WTM monitor.
  • WTM configuration dialog layout changes: “Record” and “Replay” buttons were redesigned and relocated, “List of requests” control was placed to new groupbox.

GUI usability:

  1. Default alerting rule renamed from “E-mail to administrator” to “Default Alerting Rule” to avoid confusions with “E-mail to administrator” default e-mail alert.
  2. Toolbar/Dashboard button renamed to “Web Interface” with “Open web interface in browser” tooltip.
  3. All sections are expanded in the New Monitor Wizard property editor on the very last wizard’s page.
  4. New control for entering IP address which indicates invalid IP by turning background into red color.
  5. TreeView: “Add/remove from favorites” menu item has been added to context menu.
  6. TreeView: “Open Report in Browser” menu item renamed to “Open Report in Web Interface”.

SNMP MIB browser and SNMP monitor property editor:

  1. SNMP monitor behavior change for “Value is allowed” mode: now it changes state to “Down” when SNMP server returns value which is not in the list of allowed values.
  2. SNMP browser has been renamed to SNMP MIB browser, now it selects the node with OID which monitor currently uses after tree loading finish. It also now allows user to select OID with non-counter value for the monitor: in this case property editor sets “Counter Type” setting value to “Value is allowed” and asks user if he/she wants to add selected node current value to the list of allowed values.

Monitor Control toolbar GUI enhancements:

  1. “Search String” control is now always visible and can’t be hidden or relocated;
  2. “Start/Stop/Poll Now/…” Monitor Control toolbar was relocated to the top of the tree view, “Filter” button was moved to the place near “Search String” control;
  3. “Favorites” button was moved to the right side of the Monitor Control toolbar.

New Monitor Wizard is redesigned: now it is much simpler and user-friendly than the old one. User can start discovery or create a new monitor in one click without any annoying questions.