December 2018 (5.1 build 13744)

December 2018 (5.1 build 13744)

This is a maintenance release, with new features introduced, and bugs fixed.

Database Engine Upgrade

Database engine has been upgraded and its configuration has been enhanced to both decrease I/O impact and increase database stability.

OS Compatibility

Starting from this version, Windows XP is no longer supported (main product and remote network agents can no longer be installed on Windows XP). Last version supporting Windows XP is 5.1.13330. Use the following links to download it:

Archive of old product versions is available here.

Application Templates

  • Application templates can now include attachment files.
    • This feature allows using templates for monitors requiring external files to function properly, e.g. “Script or Program” monitors. Now all the necessary assets can be packed within template.
    • There are two possible attachments types: “Script etc.”, which is placed, by default, into ${ProgramData}/templates/${TemplateName}/${TemplateVersion} subdirectory; and “SNMP MIB”, which is placed, by default, into ${ProgramData}/mibs subdirectory. Using the default attachment placement is recommended; it simplifies deployment and versioning.
    • You can also specify a custom placement for any attachment, but please take care: in such a case the file, by default, will not be under automated management. You can indicate you would like IPHost to auto-deploy custom placement attachments as well, but their destination directory simply might not exist on target host.
    • Attachments marked for auto deployment are copied to the IPHost Network Monitor template directory when corresponding template is installed. If an agent connects to IPHost Network Monitor service, then such attachments are automatically copied to the agent’s file system. Deploying other attachments is up to user.

    Refer to the product online help for more information. Community templates will be correspondingly updated in near future.

  • There’s now an option to mark template’s Match monitor “for network discovery only”.
    • Such monitors are only used to discover application of a given template; they do not appear in those applications themselves. This cleans up the UI: only relevant monitors will remain visible in an application.
    • All standard templates have been changed accordingly; match monitors that make sense only for network discovery are no longer visible in applications.

Monitoring Client

  • Now an icon can be assigned to a host or group of hosts. Hosts inherit host group icon by default, but it may be changed. A number of predefined icons are available for different types of hardware, Operating Systems, or server roles. Besides, you can add and use icons of your choice.
  • Templates Dialog: now that you select a title for template, “Save” and “Cancel” buttons won’t be scrollable and will always stay on top.
  • Settings: at Community page, when you type in credentials and press Enter, the “Register” button is now triggered. Previously the dialog could close without actually registering.
  • SNMP MIB Browser: fixed an issue with incorrect display of MAC addresses for SNMP Custom monitor.
  • Fixed rare issue with a few additional copies created when you copy a monitor.
  • Fixed an issue when tooltip for Warning or Down state showed incomplete Reason description.
  • Fixed an issue when selecting “View: By application” in client would show an incorrect summary report for applications of the selected template.

Monitoring Service

  • “Script or Program” and “Python” monitors now require less resources to run; in particular, they do not start extra threads in Monitoring Service.