October 2011 (3.1 build 5909)

October 2011 (3.1 build 5909)


Now it is allowed to use host names starting with digits. Rules for valid hostnames and IP addresses were changed and the same rules are used in New Monitor, New Host, Copy Host dialogs and property editor.

Buttons were regrouped in toolbar of IPHost Network Monitor client application.

Upgrade to the new version of Firebird database engine.


Some bugs with monitoring database archiving and upgrade. Database upgrader can now fix partially upgraded database. New checks were added to avoid problems when database contains records for non-existing monitors.

IPHost Network Monitor can now properly read status from SMTP server after EHLO command in some non-standard cases. The SMTP monitor, email alerts and reports have been fixed to work correctly via the SMTP servers without TLS support.

Problem with connection to AIM servers for “Send AOL message” alert is fixed. AIM servers no more allow using XOR-encoded password in authentication, now they accept plain text passwords.