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How pop-up notifications can be turned off (for several or all monitors)?

How can I turn off pop-up notifications for several or all monitors? Q: I have added about 70 printers to the “Printers and UPS” group and have set them all to use the “No Alerts” alerting rule. The system tray icon still shows a red mark and pop-up alert when one is down. How do […]

Can I run IPHost GUI client from another computer?

Can I run IPHost client on another computer, but access the same monitoring database? Q: I would like to install IPHost Network Monitor on another computer, but keep access to monitoring database located on different computer. How can I do that? A: You cannot run the IPHost Network Monitor Client from another workstation. You can […]

How should I set thresholds for performance warnings?

What are optimal values for thresholds for performance warnings? Q: I would like to know how to set thresholds for performance warning, can you explain? A: Optimal values for a Warning Response Time Limit should be set based upon average known time required to receive a valid response from a monitor. The best way is […]