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How can I traceroute host and only get error text if error occurs?

Is it possible to traceroute a host, but only get error text if tracing fails? Q: tracert.exe command always returns a bunch of text. How can I ignore it if trace finished successfully? A: The trick is to store entire traceroute (tracert.exe) output, parse it and only return text if typical errors indicators (words) have […]

Can we ping 500 devices simultaneously?

If we have 500 devices, does IPHost ping all devices at the same time and log the data? Or does it ping 1 device at a time and log it? Q: We are looking into your product and would like some more information on how your ping monitor works. If we have 500 devices, does […]

How to add PING monitors without IPHost client?

How to add monitor without using the IPHost interface? Q:Is there a way of adding ping monitors without using IPHost client? E.g., using some kind of script? A: Yes. You can do something like the following (save SQL script below as create.sql): CONNECT '\ProgramData\IPHost Network Monitor\data\nms.fdb' user 'SYSDBA' password 'masterkey'; SET HEADING; set term ^ […]