Distributed network monitoring

Every network service that is supposed to be reliable requires monitoring its state and activity. Not only a mere availability of a service should be tested, but making sure the service responds in an expected way.

IPHost Network Monitor provides a number of tools to achieve that, one of them being Web Transaction Monitor. However, it is not always sufficient to run tests from a single place. First of all, most services are available worldwide; to make sure they are actually available, network monitoring should be performed from several locations at the same time. The simplest solution would be creating a distributed monitoring network using Remote Network Agent, a special type of IPHost Network Monitor, which task is to collect data and send them to a known installation of IPHost Network Monitor.

For example: if we should make sure that a Web shop is indeed available from a variety of locations, we need to run Remote Network Agent installed on several locations. A cloud hosting solution such as Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud could be of use. Start with creating Windows instances in several locations (create an instance per every geographical location available); after the instances are ready, install Remote Network Agent on every instance, making sure they connect to the same ‘control center’ IPHost Network Monitor – say, installed on a system administrator’s computer. Running predefined Web transaction monitors you will be able to make sure Web shop returns expected data (say, a list of goods from a given category).

The last step is to create the same monitors on every agent, to run the same test and compare results on the central IPHost Network Monitor installation. Distributed monitoring network allows to detect localized connectivity problems as well as the target network service state.

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Windows Interface Screenshot Web Interface Screenshot
Windows Interface Screenshot Web Interface Screenshot

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