Exchange Server monitoring with IPHost Network Monitor

IPHost Network Monitor allows the system administrator to automate the main processes of Exchange Server monitoring

  • Exchange Server back up control. This allows making sure that back up has been performed and the Exchange system can be restored in case of failure. As a rule, after performing Exchange Server backup the process of test data recovery is run on a specially dedicated server. This also needs monitoring. IPHost Network Monitor allows detecting backup errors in advance and avoiding the risks of data non-recovery.
  • checking of system event logs. If there are many Exchange servers on the network, looking through system logs becomes not an easy job to do. In order to do it, it is possible to make use of IPHost Network Monitor which allows setting automatic monitoring of critical events and a notification system in case of their appearance.
  • disk system monitoring.Exchange servers may stop because of insufficient free space on the disk, which is a serious problem for many system administrators. Using IPHost Network Monitor you will control the availability of free disk space and the system will not be stopping due to the insufficiency of free space.
  • equipment availability control
  • checking of queuesHaving a large volume of email messages an Exchange server may for a while delay email communications in its queues for a long time, which is an indication of abnormal system operation. IPHost Network Monitor will help to timely locate the problem and notify you of it.
  • checking of non-delivery receipts (NDR)NDRs come all the time. Jumps in the number of NDRs usually point to there being a problem, for instance, such as a DoS attack or infinite looping in mail sending. IPHost Network Monitor will help you to trace departures of the NDR number from the norm.
  • checking for timely update of antivirus bases

IPHost Network Monitor can automatically perform prechecks of Exchange Server availability and performance for both small and large systems, it will help you to fast find and diagnose errors affecting the work of Microsoft Exchange servers in both virtual and physical environment. Information collected allows correct solutions in Exchange Server system optimization and upgrade.

Free 30-day trial version of IPHost Network Monitor is available. During your trial you can get support by e-mail, please use contact form to send all your inquiries on IPHost Network Monitor features and purchase.

Windows Interface Screenshot Web Interface Screenshot
Windows Interface Screenshot Web Interface Screenshot

Download the free trial of IPHost Network Monitor and start to monitor your network and vital applications in a few minutes.

IPHost Network Monitor 5.4 build 14538 of April 21, 2023. File size: 111MB

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