How to download fault log files from network devices automatically?

Is automation of downloading and saving fault log files from network devices possible?

Q: We want to download the ‘fault logs’ from every equipment piece being monitored without human intervention. Too many units/equipment being monitored to do it manually. Is it possible?

A: You can use Custom Script or Program monitor along with download2.vbs script. Contact us to download it and put download2.vbs script somewhere on your computer (“c:\LogFiles” folder, for example)

Create the monitor and configure it as on the screenshot.

The monitor will be invoked once a day and will invoke the script. If script would fail to download the file the monitor will go to the Down state and will put the error message into the LogView tab, otherwise it will be in OK state.

Script accepts two parameters: the first one is the URL and the second (optional) is the path of the folder to save files. The default folder path is hardcoded in the beginning of the script. Script generates names of the files as YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.log

Script works fine when no username/password are required. If your sites use the HTTP authorization you should put the username/password into the beginning of the script. If some custom authorization is used (via special web forms or so) it wouldn’t work.

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