Where can I download Unix versions of IPHost?

I am in the process of evaluating IPHost Network Monitor, but am unable to find Unix agent. Where can I download it?

Q: Where can one download IPHost Network Monitor versions for Unix systems?

Q: IPHost Network Monitor and Remote Network Agent are both Windows pieces of software. There are no versions of IPHost Network Monitor and its components for other operating systems, including Unix-like.

Although IPHost Network Monitor is Windows piece of software, there’s no problem interacting with network devices controlled by other OS types, just use proper monitor type. For example, you can execute any command on remote device powered by Linux OS, executing commands over SSH connection; you can use SNMP monitors or running program or script for that purpose.

Note that IPHost runs normally under Windows running in virtualized environment. In short: if a VM is capable of running Windows version, matching IPHost system requirements, IPHost Network Monitor works as expected under such virtualized Windows. We do not provide technical support for IPHost Network Monitor and/or its components running under Windows emulators, such as Wine.

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