What is monitors dependency?

What is monitors dependency?

Q: We are looking for the ability/feature that would allow us to monitor devices and based off of the device type and depending on whether or not that device is up/down, then alert on other devices that are down.

Example: Site router is down which is being monitored remotely. ONLY send alert that the router is down and not the other 40 devices at the site.

Example: Router is up and switch #1 is up but switch #2 is down. ONLY send alert that the switch #2 is down and not the other 15 devices that are attached to that switch.

A:You can use the monitor dependency property for that:
Help: Monitor parameters

This monitor depends on availability of parameter specifies another monitor on which the current monitor depends. If that monitor is down or stopped by dependency, the current monitor will be stopped by dependency (will not be polled) and alerts for it won’t be performed. You can use this parameter to create monitor hierarchies. For example, PING monitors on all hosts in a network segment may depend on the PING monitor on the router that serves the segment; if the router goes down, there won’t be numerous false alerts executed for all hosts (say you will get a single e-mail notification instead of many).

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