Why WMI monitor enters Down state soon after it’s been started?

Why WMI monitor switches to Down state soon after being started?

Q: WMI monitor starts, but soon switches to ‘Down’ state. How to fix that?

A: If you are sure all the parameters of your WMI monitor (credentials, query etc.) are correct, try to start it and pay attention to Log pane.

You will most probably find error message and error code in the end of string starting with “Poll failed”. Example: “The RPC server is unavailable. (0x800706ba)”

Extensive list of steps to handle WMI problems is available in MSDN article WMI troubleshooting. For a quick start, make sure the following has been checked:

  • Remote Procedure Call service is running on remote host
  • Firewall doesn’t block RPC calls from source computer
  • Proper WMI credentials are used

Follow the above link to make sure you have set up WMI access correctly.

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