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cbr DS1E1 Port Configuration Port Mode

This object indicates the type of service configured to the specified T1/E1 port interface. Unstructured allows the application to utilize the entire available bandwidth at a bit rate of 1.544 Mb/s for T1 or 2.048 Mb/s for E1. T1/E1 Framing is optional in this service mode. Structured service provides Nx64 kbit/s capability where N ranges between 1 and the maximum number of available DS0 channels. Struct-Voice passes traffic with signaling informaion enabled. Struct-Data passes traffic with signaling information disabled. Changing the mode configuration will cause the following parameters to be changed. . framing timing signaling crc-4 . ------- ------ --------- ----- . T1 unstructured unframed N/A N/A N/A . struct data ESF loop* N/A N/A . struct voice ESF loop* N/A N/A . E1 unstructured unframed N/A disable disable . struct data single loop* disable disable . struct voice multi loop* enable enable * timing is converted to loop timing only if timing is previously . configured to be in SRTS or adaptive timing modes NOTE: Changing this object to a different mode will cause all previously associated VCC's to be deleted. The default value for this object is unstructured (1).

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