a3ComSysBridgeAddressThreshold - Sys Bridge Address Threshold - A3COM-SWITCHING-SYSTEMS-MIB

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Sys Bridge Address Threshold

A reporting threshold for the total number of addresses known for the bridge identified by this entry. When this threshold is reached, the event a3ComSysBridgeAddressThresholdEvent is generated. The range of valid values for setting this object is between 1 and the corresponding value reported by a3ComSysBridgeAddressTableSize + 1 (Note that this range applies to values issued in set requests. The current value may be outside this range, for example if the corresponding value of a3ComSysBridgeMode is changed). Setting this object to one greater than the address table size disables the generation of a3ComSysBridgeAddressThresholdEvents since the limit will never be reached.


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Easy monitoring of a3ComSysBridgeAddressThreshold with IPHost tools

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