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a3 Com Poll Address Type

This defines the method used to interpret the a3ComPollAddress, which implies on the protocol to be used. Writing an address to the a3ComPollAddress object causes a default a3ComPollAddressType value to be setup. The default value is derived from the format of the address - four octets means ip(2), four sets of numeric values separated by dot means ipdotted(3), eight and twelve octets separated by colon means ipx(5), and two sets of numeric values separated by a dot means appletalk(6). If the address type cannot be figured out, and this object is not currently set to ipname(4), it will then be set to unknown(1). In other words, this object will remain unchanged if its current value is ipname(4) and a more specific type cannot be given to it. Thus, for the mot part, when setting this object manually, that needs to be done after setting a3ComPollAddress. For ip hostname(4), this field must be set manually. Furthermore, DNS client must be locally enabled to allow for conversion from name to ip address. If the requested protocol is not supported or is not compatible with the a3ComPollAddress, an error is returned when an attempt is made to set a3ComPollAction to activate(2), and a3ComPollReport will be set to noResource(4). This object may not be modified if the associated a3ComPollReport is equal to busy(2). When this object is successfully set, a3ComPollReport will be set to idle(1).


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