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a3 Com Poll Entry

A table used to define device monitoring. A row in this table is created by setting any read-write member, indexed by the next available index (a3ComPollNextFreeIndex). An entry in this table is deleted by setting a3ComPollAction to destroy(5). An example of the indexing of this table is a3ComPollRate.2 This method of creation makes the table very user friendly, although a bit harder to detect racing conditions. The suggested method for racing condition detection is by checking the a3ComPollAddress and a3ComPollOwner objects while the a3ComPollReport object is set to active.


IPHost Network monitor uses SNMP for monitoring health and availability of devices and applications in your network. You can send a SNMP Set to any remote device to monitor a specific SNMP object (CPU, Memory, Disk, Server Temperature, RAID failures, IO statistics, connection counts, error and much more).

Easy monitoring of a3ComPollEntry with IPHost tools

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