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a3 Com Poll Source Address

This DisplayString is the network address of the local interface to receive ping query. Typically this is an IP, IPX or AppleTalk. The following formats can be used. IP cccc - ipAddress MIB IP nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn - dotted format IPX AABBCCDD:AABBCCDDEEFF - network : node AppleTalk n[...].n[...] - dotted notation If a3ComPollSourceAddress is set to empty, which is the default value, the sending device will pick the best interface to receive the response for its queries. The object a3ComPollAddressType is used to indicate how this object will be interpreted, as well as a3ComPollAddress. An exception exists when a3ComPollAddressType is set to ipname(4): this object will be parsed as if a3ComPollAddressType was set to ip(2) or as ipdotted(3), depending on the length of the object value. Therefore, ip name is not supported for a3ComPollSourceAddress. This object may not be modified if the associated a3ComPollReport is equal to busy(2). When this object is successfully set, a3ComPollReport will be set to idle(1).


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Easy monitoring of a3ComPollSourceAddress with IPHost tools

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