a3ComRoutePolicyIpIfRowStatus - a3 Com Route Policy Ip If Row Status - A3COM-SWITCHING-SYSTEMS-ROUTEPOLICY-MIB

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a3 Com Route Policy Ip If Row Status

The status column for an ip interface of a routing policy. This object can be set to: createAndGo(4), destroy(6) The following values may be read: active(1) A new ip interface entry in this table is created by setting this object to createAndGo(4), indexed by the id of an existing a3ComRoutePolicyEntry and the address of an existing ip interface at the device being managed. An error will be returned if any of the fields listed above contain invalid value. Once created successfully, this entry will automatically be made active(1). An entry in this table is deleted in similar way, except that the value set is destroy(6) instead of createAndGo(4). If a new entry, for instance, was to be created in this table for the policy 2 with ip interface address of, this object would be set to createAndGo(4) with the oid a3ComRoutePolicyIpIfRowStatus.


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Easy monitoring of a3ComRoutePolicyIpIfRowStatus with IPHost tools


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