dspuPuOperFsmState - Cisco DSPU Pu Operation Fsm State

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Cisco DSPU Pu Operation Fsm State

Current FSM state of the PU as follows: linkReset - Link is in reset state - not connected linkPendConnOut - Pending ConnectOut to establish link linkPendConnIn - Pending ConnectIn to establish link linkPendXid - Pending XID negotiation on the link linkXidNeg - XID negotiation proceeding on link linkConnOut - ConnectOut link activation linkConnIn - ConnectIn link activation linkConnected - Link connected, PU inactive puPendAct - Link connected, PU pending activation puActive - Link connected, PU active puBusy - Link connected, PU busy puPendInact - Link connected, PU pending deactivation linkPendDisc - Pending disconnect of link linkPendClose - Pending close of link station

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Easy monitoring of dspuPuOperFsmState with IPHost tools

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