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if Chassis Pic Index

The index or indices for the Chassis MIB tables. This is the instance index which keys into the jnxContentsTable in Chassis MIB. For example, it could return an octet string of '' - meaning a PIC ('8', first digit) at FPC slot 0 ('1-1', second digit minus one if nonzero) PIC number 1 ('2-1', third digit minus one if nonzero) port number whatever (fourth digit currently unused) - which in turn could be plugged in by NMS directly after any MIB objects in the jnxContentsTable, say 'jnxContentsDescr.', so NMS could get that PIC object for the specified interface. This object is valid only for those interfaces having real and physical PIC cards. Otherwise, it returns an octet string of four zeros ''

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