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ncdchass Module Operation Status

Provides operational status of the module. The following are possible definitions of the values. The exact definition of the values is implementation specific. A value of other(1) implies some undetermined state, possibly as a result of setting ncdchassModuleAdminStatus to a value of disable(3). A value of invalid(2) could have the possible meaning that the module exists but the ncdchasssis manager has no direct control over the module. A value of testing(3) may be a diagnostic state. A value of operational(4) implies that the entity is running with no errors or warnings. State resetInProgress(5) implies equivalent of setting ncdchassModuleAdminStatus to reset(4). The states of warning(6), nonFatalError(7), fatalError(8) reflect conditions detected during operation. The entity may or may not be still functional. For example if a modules value of ncdchassModuleAdminStatus is disable(3) and is set to enable(2) then ncdchassModuleOperStatus may enter a state of testing(3) then change to a value of operational(4).

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