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at Protocol Rule

This object is an octet string of length 5 bytes. This object specifies the protocol type that defines this vlan. The values for the different protocols are: IP - first byte = 1, IPX - first byte = 2, AppleTalk - first byte = 3, DECNet - first byte = 4, Note that, in case of IP, ARP is included as IP and need not be specified explicitly. Similarly when AppleTalk is chosen both DDP and AARP are included. If any other protocol is used, it can be defined either by using Ether-type - first byte = 5 specifying its ether-type, second and third byte = ether-type value in hex. DSAP and SSAP - first byte = 6 specifying that its SAP type second byte = DSAP, third byte = SSAP in hex. SNAP Type - first byte = 7 specifying its SNAP second through sixth byte = snap value in hex.

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