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Xylan Pnni Address Filter Table

The xPnniAddressFilterTable contains attributes that allow an administrator to configure address filters for security. Address filters are specified by the following: the LGN to which the filter applies; their direction (in, out or both); their addresses (src, dest or both specified as an nsap prefix from 2 to 152 bits); their call type (PTOP, PMP, or both); their service class (CBR, ABR or RtVBR); their metric constraints (CBR - metric is PCR threshold, ABR - the metric is Min CR, and RtVBR - the metric threshold is either PCR, SCR, or Max Burst); their metric threshold; their trap threshold; any exceptions (all/no addresses pass except...) and the corresponding exception prefix (from 2-152 bits); and start/stop Time Of Day values: There is a single row in this table for each PNNI filter in this switching system.


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