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Cabletron Translation Ibm Llc Sna Mode

IBM networks systems have a special translation called 'IBM LLC Encapsulation' which is used for translating IBM LLC based protocols between Token Ring and Ethernet Version 2.0 (DIXE) format. This translation does not apply when going between Token Ring and 802.3, since LLC SAPs are maintained. This translation allows connectivity between Token stations separated by an Ethernet segment in an internetwork environment. An Ethernet protocol type of 80 D5 is used to indicate IBM LLC protocol encapsulation. When enabled(1) all frames outbound on this token ring port and with an LSAP value of 08 (SNA) and where the packet originated on an ethernet network will have the IBM LLC protocol field of five bytes stripped from the packet. When disabled(2) the IBM LLC protocol field is untouched on these packets. The default value for this object is product specific. A write of notsupported (1) will have no affect.

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