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Cabletron Vlan Port VID

The 12 bit Port VLAN Identifier (PVID) associated with the configured VLAN for received untagged packets on the port specified by ctVlanPortNum. The port specified by ctVlanPortNum will be added to the egress list (ctVlanEgressList) for the specified VLAN with the frame type of untagged, via ctVlanEgressUntaggedList. The port will be removed from the egress list of the previous PVID. The exception to this is the DEFAULT VLAN (VID 1) when the ctVlanDefaultVIDStickyEgress is set to a value of enable(1). Additionally the ctVlanStatus of the specified VLAN will be set to a value of enable(1). A set of value that does not exist in the ctVlanConfigTable will fail with a NO-INSTANCE error.

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