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Enterasys Radius Accounting Client Server Update Interval

This indicates how many seconds elapse between accounting interim updates from the client to this RADIUS server. This parameter value is maintained across system reboots. A value of zero means no Interim Updates. If the value is less than etsysRadiusAcctClientServerIntervalMinimum, the etsysRadiusAcctClientServerIntervalMinimum value will be used for the update interval time. If RADIUS Accounting is not enabled, this object is ignored. Note that Accounting Interim Updates are not issued by the RADIUS Accounting Client, unless so requested by the RADIUS Server in an Access Accept packet. A value of -1 indicates that this object is not configured and this device will use the value configured in etsysRadiusAcctClientUpdateInterval for the minimum value in seconds between accounting interim updates for this RADIUS server.

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