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miox Peer Enc Type

The value of the encapsulation type. For IP encapsulation this will have a value of 204 (hex CC). For SNAP encapsulated packets, this will have a value of 128 (hex 80). For CLNP, ISO 8473, this will have a value of 129 (hex 81). For ES-ES, ISO 9542, this will have a value of 130 (hex 82). A value of 197 (hex C5) identifies the Blacker X.25 encapsulation. A value of 0, identifies the Null encapsulation. This value can only be written when the mioxPeerStatus object with the same mioxPeerIndex has a value of underCreation. Setting this object to a value of 256 deletes the entry. When deleting an entry, all other entries in the mioxPeerEncTable with the same mioxPeerIndex and with an mioxPeerEncIndex higher then the deleted entry, will all have their mioxPeerEncIndex values decremented by one.

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