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OID list for active operation

tsm Operation Port Active Monitor
tsmOperPortActiveMon (defined in TSMEXT-MIB)
The operational active monitor participation of the port. 1 = yes. Participate in the active monitor selection process. 2 = no. Do NOT participate in the active monitor selection process.
xylan Filter Active Operation State
xylanFltActiveOperState (defined in XYLAN-FLT-MIB)
software. This is independent of the administrative state.
x25 Operation Max Active Circuits
x25OperMaxActiveCircuits (defined in rfc1382)
Maximum number of circuits this PLE can support.
sna Node Operation Active Failures
snaNodeOperActFailures (defined in rfc1666)
This value identifies the number of failed Node activation attempts.
sna Node Operation Active Failure Reason
snaNodeOperActFailureReason (defined in rfc1666)
The value indicates the reason for the activation failure. The value 'other (1)' indicates a reason not listed in the enumeration. This object will be sent in the trap snaNodeActFailTrap.
cadp Statistics Operation Active Physical
cadpStatOperActivePhy (defined in CISCO-ATM-DUAL-PHY-MIB)
Returns the ifIndex of the phy which is currently the active phy. A value of 0 indicates that no phy is currently active.
cisco Data Link Switching T Connection Operation Disconnect Active Cir
ciscoDlswTConnOperDiscActiveCir (defined in CISCO-DLSW-MIB)
The number of circuits active (not in DISCONNECTED state) at the time the transport connection was last disconnected. This value is zero if the transport connection has never been connected.

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