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OID list for "port ip"

Chassis Control Ethernet Port IP Address
chasControlEthPortIPAddr (defined in CHASSIS-MIB)
The IP network address of the Ethernet Mgmt. Port.
IBM APPN Node Port Ip Table
ibmappnNodePortIpTable (defined in rfc1593)
Port table (TCP/IP specific).
IBM APPN Node Port Ip Entry
ibmappnNodePortIpEntry (defined in rfc1593)
The IP Name is used as the index to this table.
IBM APPN Node Port Ip Name
ibmappnNodePortIpName (defined in rfc1593)
Administratively-assigned name for this APPN port. The name can be from one to eight characters.
IBM APPN Node Port Ip Port Number
ibmappnNodePortIpPortNum (defined in rfc1593)
Local TCP/IP port number.
Enterasys Mgmd Ext Port IP Address Type
etsysMgmdExtPortIPAddressType (defined in enterasys-mgmd-ext-mib)
The type of group and source IP addresses.
agent Service Port IP Address
agentServicePortIPAddress (defined in AIRESPACE-SWITCHING-MIB)
The switch's Service Port IP address. (Service-port interface use is recommended instead of this group)

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