Monitoring Free Disk Space Over WMI

Avoid Low Disk Space Condition

WMI Disk space monitor: used space graph
WMI Disk space monitor

Disk space can get scarce all of a sudden; unless constant monitoring is done, it can be tricky to understand where did all of it go. IPHost Network Monitor provides you with tool to address this issue: use WMI Disk space monitor to control disk space usage n Windows in real-time.

Standard WMI service available with Windows installation allows to monitor used or free disk space on a Windows machine without any additional tuning. All one needs is to enable WMI and remote access, and use proper access credentials (since WMI is switched off by default in modern Windows versions).

That allows you to watch all disk drives in use, tracking disk usage change and warn administrator in time, prior to the trend becomes a problem.

WMI Disk Space Monitor To Watch All Disk Drives

WMI Disk space monitor: monitor parameters
WMI Disk space monitor,
monitor parameters

WMI Disk space monitor manipulates with entire drives. In case you need finer access, you might need to use other Disk space monitor that uses a network share to calculate usage stats. However, that requires setting up share and proper permissions first.

Depending on task you can monitor either used disk space, or free disk space; there can be situations that both should be monitored for the same drive. Say, if users’ home directories are moved onto a separate drive, watching its free space can help to see the trends of users adding more data. As with every WMI monitors, too frequent (say, more than once a minute) monitoring the same resource can negatively affect entire system.

With all tools to watch entire drive space, or shared resources disk space, it becomes possible to run automated processes that can handle disk low state prior to administrator can address that in person. Using scripts or program alert type, you can set up automated handling of such possible outage and never run out of disk space.

SSH and SNMP Monitors for Hardware Stats

Looking forĀ server monitoring software to watch disk space remaining and warn you about probable outages? IPHost Network Monitor offers means to use WMI to monitor disk space usage as well as other hardware resources utilization, such as memory usage and CPU load and so on. Note that WMI is available for all modern Windows versions without installing third parties software and runs out of box.

Other methods such as SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol, implemented for majority of network devices) or SSH (all Unix-like systems can use it), make it possible to monitor the same set of hardware and software components. It’s mostly matter of personal choice of administrator, what one to use.

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