IPHost Oracle Database Monitor – network servers monitoring

Oracle Database Monitor is a one of IPHost’s monitors. It allows to test connection to an Oracle database server and run an SQL query. The first column returned is interpreted as an integer value to be used in later checks.

Oracle RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) is a commercial database engine developed by Oracle Corporation. It is a popular database engine used when high performance and good scalability are required. Running certain SQL queries is a perfect means to test database used for integrity and/or check certain records for appropriate values. Running such checks manually is possible, but it simply becomes too complex a task if many checks are required and/or there are many hosts to monitor. IPHost Network Monitor offers Oracle Database Monitor to simplify solution of these tasks.

Creation of Oracle Database Monitor is an easy task. Specify host and, if required, port to connect to. To connect to the database you should also specify database instance name, database user name and password to use with that user.

Specify SQL query to run, so that the first column of the result dataset be an integer value. The last thing to do is to set up proper availability parameters and performance parameters (to interpret the integer value of the query). This concludes monitor creation.

There are numerous use cases for such a monitor. They all depend on where the database is used. Oracle Database Monitor can be used to track availability of items in an Internet shop – by shop owners. System administrators can calculate traffic or gather statistics of DB usage – any check that can involve more or less simple SQL query is the possible use case for this kind of monitor.

Since the monitor can take significant time to run, depending on the host location, database schema, query et al., simpler monitors such as TCP monitor should first be used to test host availability. Use such monitors as dependencies to lower the load on the target host.

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