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I need to reinstall Remote Network Agent, how to avoid re-creating its network monitors?

Q: I need to re-install Remote Network Agent. However, there are 100+ monitors running on it. How to avoid re-creating manually all its network monitors? A: To avoid re-creating multiple monitors (and their hosts), you can keep a separate copy of them temporarily. Host groups are the best tools for that. If you need to […]

After I manually upgraded Remote Network Agent, main installation stopped communicating with it

Automated upgrade from main installation for one of agents didn’t work and I upgraded it manually. Now main installation sees it as a new agent. How to re-connect it? Q: After agent upgrade, main installation displays it as another (new) agent. There are many monitors assigned to that agent and I don’t want to lose […]

Remote Network Agent runs out of resources, why?

Remote Network Agent is shown as active and connected, yet it fails to update its monitors’ state – how to solve that? Q: I noticed that several remote network agents I use write to their log files messages about not enough TCP connections and/or threads. How to handle this? A: Remote Network Agents can remove […]

How to avoid receiving multiple alerts telling that agent is disconnected?

When agent gets disconnected, I receive multiple alerts for every monitor it serves. How to prevent that? Q: When agents running in remote network, stops running, I receive “Agent failed to connect” alerts for every monitor provided by that agent. How to avoid such mass alerts? A: You need to monitor presence of agent in […]

How to monitor resources in case of high network latency?

How to configure IPHost in case of high latency when connecting target network? Q: We have a problem: high latency issues between our two buildings connected by wireless. We are getting incorrect results, because of ping times becoming so long sometimes the system rightfully flags the associated systems as being down. Can I set up […]

Do I have to install Remote Network Agent on every server to monitor all our branches?

Do I need to install Remote Network Agent on every server in our corporate office I wish to monitor? Q: I was looking for a tool to simply alert me if any of our 28 remote branches go offline. However, I see that this tool also supports server monitoring. We have about 12 servers in […]

Can I access IPHost installation remotely?

How to access IPHost remotely? Q: Do you have some kind of instructions or help area on how to access IPHost remotely? May be how to open a port on the router, access the server, etc. I want to pass this info to another branch, so they can see the system working in real time. […]

What ports should be open for Remote Network Agents?

What ports should be open to allow remote network agent to communicate with main installation? Q: What ports should be open to allow IPHost main installation to communicate with agents? A:: Remote Network Agent can operate in two modes: active and passive. In active mode it connects to main installation itself and therefore port should […]