After I manually upgraded Remote Network Agent, main installation stopped communicating with it

Automated upgrade from main installation for one of agents didn’t work and I upgraded it manually. Now main installation sees it as a new agent. How to re-connect it?

Q: After agent upgrade, main installation displays it as another (new) agent. There are many monitors assigned to that agent and I don’t want to lose or redefine them. How to fix that?

A: note that you should not delete the record for the agent in question (which is displayed as offline in agents list at Tools -> Settings -> Remote Agents), since that would erase all the associated hosts/monitors.

Agent use so called Connection ID, a string generated to be a unique agent identifier. In certain cases Connection ID might change, which will result in main installation unable to “recognize” the agent.

To fix the issue, you should obtain current Connection ID from upgraded agent. One way is to open Agent GUI on remote computer and copy the Connection ID from it.

Another is to check setting (at Tools -> Settings -> Remote Agents) allowing main installation to automatically add new agents and wait till new agent registers. There will be message like this:

Agent requesting connection

After you copied and saved new Connection ID, do the following:

1. Remove, if present, new entry for the agent in question. Please double check there are no hosts/monitors defined for that entry, otherwise you’ll lose those data.
2. Stop agent service on remote computer, via its GUI.
3. Exit IPHost GUI client (File -> Exit) on main installation. This step is important!
4. Start IPHost GUI client on main installation. Proceed to Tools -> Settings -> Remote Agents, select existing entry for agent in question and paste in a new Connection ID value. Enable the agent if disabled, by clicking on corresponding button. Apply the changes.
5. Start agent service on remote computer.


Wait for a while till main installation contacts the agent. After the steps above, agent should resume normal functioning. If you still experience problems with the agent, feel free to contact our technical support, and please provide us with required information.

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