How to monitor resources in case of high network latency?

How to configure IPHost in case of high latency when connecting target network?

Q: We have a problem: high latency issues between our two buildings connected by wireless. We are getting incorrect results, because of ping times becoming so long sometimes the system rightfully flags the associated systems as being down. Can I set up a second IPHost system in the second building and just have it report back to the main IPHost server with the information from the second building?

A: Solution is to use Remote Network Agent. This piece of software resides inside network, the device(s) of which you need to monitor, and communicates with primary installation of IPHost Network Monitor to send monitoring data.

Install RNA on a suitable server or a workstation in the second building. Set up monitoring as specified in the manual – How to configure distributed monitoring with Remote Network Agents.

RNA will perform the monitoring of selected devices and transfer the results to the main IPHost (to the first building). This will allow avoiding delays in the wireless connection during monitoring.

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