Chassis SNMP monitor

Monitoring network chassis with SNMP

IPHost Network Monitor allows you to test and monitor performance parameters of network chassis. You can select what variable to monitor using built-in MIB browser that provides you with all variables supported by chassis, their current values and descriptions taken from MIBs.

Network chassis in the first hand is a mounting device, combining network devices, protecting them from environment and allowing to control network communication between installed network devices. It allows to optimize traffic management, to prevent network saturation, to avoid unnecessary traffic forwarding.

Network chassis are akin to network bridges; they allow smarter and faster traffic management; whereas bridged interfaces become a single entity, chassis just allows managing packets without sending them outside the device.

Network chassis also improve overall security, reducing traffic across several networks traveling over several physical networks.

Network chassis monitoring use cases

  • health checks of the installed components
  • traffic stats and accounting, and speed control

List of MIBs to use for network bridge monitoring

Partial MIBs list supporting network chassis follows:

    MIB Module used to describe the CSS chassis manager.
    This MIB provides Cisco 6400 Chassis product information.
    This MIB module defines the managed objects that support the monitoring of alarms generated by physical entities contained by the system, including chassis, slots, modules, ports, power supplies, and fans. In order to monitor alarms generated by a phy…
    The interim Chassis MIB for Rhino ATM switch.
    Main SNMP MIB for the Catalyst OS products such as Catalyst 1000, Catalyst 1200, Catalyst 4000, Catalyst 5000, and Catalyst 6000. This MIB provides configuration and runtime status for chassis, modules, ports, etc. on the Catalyst systems.
    This MIB Module contains Extreme Virtual Chassis objects.
    This is Juniper Networks’ implementation of enterprise specific MIB for alarms from the router chassis box.
    The MIB modules defines OIDs used by chassis mib to identify platform and chassis components.
    This MIB module defines objects for lm_sensor derived data. Derived from the original VEST-INTERNETT-MIB.
    This Management Information Base module contains information regarding polling the chassis information (specifically the chassis serial number) from Cisco routers and switches. tarting with IOS 12.0, all objects defined in this mib have been deprecated…

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Windows Interface Screenshot Web Interface Screenshot
Windows Interface Screenshot Web Interface Screenshot

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IPHost Network Monitor 5.4 build 14538 of April 21, 2023. File size: 111MB

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