CPU Usage: monitoring over SSH

CPU Utilization 100% – How To Prevent

CPU usage: Web interface screenshot
CPU load over SSH monitor

There’s room for some optimization, if CPU usage of a network device reaches high plank and remains there for long. CPU is scarce resource; high CPU utilization also means high CPU temperature; overheating can soon result in hardware damage.

To make it possible to keep CPU load low, it should be monitored. IPHost Network Monitor offers tool to measure CPU load over SSH connection for all SSH-capable devices.

This monitor type allows monitoring several metrics to detect possible problems with CPU utilization:

  • total active time
  • user time
  • system time
  • interrupts per second
  • context switches per second

To know more about the above metrics, one can read corresponding online help page. In most cases it is required to measure more than one CPU load metric for the same host. IPHost Network Monitor provides you with new monitor types to watch different metrics.

CPU Temperature And Other Parameters To Check

CPU Usage: Windows interface screenshot
SSH CPU load monitor parameters

CPU usage isn’t constant parameter; generally, it’s fluctuating a lot, with certain cores receiving more load than others. The above isn’t a problem; when constant high load takes place, it is. It is reasonable to set up required CPU load monitor(s) and let them running for several days, so that all typical processes have been running as expected. After that, expected low and high load values can be found and used to set up alerting, as necessary.

Monitoring other hardware resources (memory usage, for example) along with CPU load monitoring brings more information on how resources are utilized, and which bottlenecks are more feasible to happen. CPU-heavy applications (calculations of any kind, media formats encoding, database engines etc) will typically beget spikes of other resources, as well.

Complex resources monitoring, including CPU utilization monitoring, gives chance to predict several resources consumption problems in foreseeable future. This performance monitor provides information to optimize other system utilization profiles.

CPU Utilization via SNMP and WMI, other Hardware Monitors

Looking for computer monitoring software to watch CPU utilization and related hardware metrics? IPHost Network Monitor offers simple to use and efficient monitor types to do that. Beyond CPU load, SSH can be used on variety of systems to monitor RAM usage, disk space used/remaining and number of running processes. Strictly speaking, SSH is just a transport allowing to run arbitrary process on remote host and return results of its running, thus allowing to monitor virtually any hardware part.

WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) and SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) can both be used to replace SSH on UNIX-like and other systems. In most cases more than one method (counting SNMP, WMI and SSH) can be available on the same system at the same time, making it possible to adjust monitoring tasks to given environment with minimal efforts.

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