How can I monitor remote system resources?

I want to monitor remote System resources, can you help me to set it up? How is that possible?

Q: Is it possible to monitor remote system resources with IPHost? How should I set up required monitor(s)?

A: Yes, you can monitor system resources with IPHost on remote host. A lot of different protocols and monitoring methods are supported.

For example, there are 4 predefined hardware resources monitor that collect their data over WMI protocol. You can monitor varied CPU load metrics, watch various memory usage parameters, keep track of free and used disk space for all logical disks, and control a process statistics for any Windows host with WMI enabled. Also, you can create custom WMI query for any performance counter provided by WMI on monitored host, as described in following article: WMI Monitors.

To monitor UNIX servers, switches and routers etc. SNMP monitor tool or SNMP trap can be used.

You can also check web servers, mail servers, database servers etc. as well as create custom monitors.

With advanced Web Transaction Monitor you can record browser-based sites interaction, for further playback and results analysis. Web Transaction Monitor will check recorded user session as set (for example, every 5 or 10 minutes) and notify you if the Web application fails on some step or its performance is unacceptable.

You can also monitor system resources in remote networks, using Remote Network Monitoring Agents. Please have a look at video demos available at our Web site.

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