IP network

IP network is a network using Internet Protocol Suite to establish communication between hosts participating in the network. IP, as well as higher-level protocols, TCP and UDP and their derivatives, is what, in general, referred to as Internet.

IP networks may be either public, i.e. available for other parties, and internal (intranets), with the access restricted to definite number of users/devices.


Networks monitoring
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IPHost features:

TCP Monitor
TCP Monitor is one of the basic IPHost monitors. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) complements the other core protocol from Internet Protocol Suite, namely …

UDP Monitor
UDP Monitor is one of the simplest IPHost monitors. UDP, or User Datagram Protocol, is one of the core protocols from Internet Protocol Suite. Its purpose is to …

HTTP/HTTPs Monitor
HTTP/HTTPS Monitor is used to check the Web site presence and test whether the contents of the address match certain criteria. HTTP, or Hypertext Transfer …