Can performance data be collected with SNMP trap monitors?

Can we collect performance data history using SNMP Trap monitor?

Q: We have recently acquired temperature sensors capable of sending SNMP traps. How can we utilize SNMP Trap monitors to keep temperature historical data?

A: SNMP Trap monitors can’t be used to collect data periodically. IPHost Network Monitor normally polls monitors to collect and store historical data. SNMP Trap monitors are different, since they are not polled periodically, but triggered by the event sent by monitored device. SNMP Traps are useful if instant notification is required (for example, when monitored parameter exceeds acceptable range).

SNMP Custom monitors should be used to collect monitoring history, and SNMP
Traps should be used to generate alerts as quickly as possible.

In case you are looking for proper MIB for your device, you can start your search from network device’ vendor’s site.

Please refer to other SNMP-related articles in our Knowledge Base, in case you have encountered problems getting SNMP traps.

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