Are raw data on monitor polls available?

Are there raw data for all polls of monitors in IPHost Network Monitor?

Q: Can I access “raw” (original performance) monitoring data collected by IPHost Network Monitor?

A: Starting from IPHost v5.1 build 14047, monitoring database doesn’t keep the raw monitoring data; users can only access averaged (over 10 minutes intervals) results. That resulted in compact, more robust database and in fewer chances of database corruption.

Monitoring database for older versions contains raw data for default reporting period. Those can be used to generate custom reports and to perform detailed incidents investigation. However, we would like to strongly discourage from using out-of-date IPHost versions (for efficiency and security reasons).

Default reporting period can be set in “Reporting” tab of “Settings” window. Default value is one day (24 hours).

Thus, users currently can only obtain average values (used to build reporting charts), as well as intervals of different monitor states.

We supply database schema only upon a user’s request.

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