Upgrading IPHost Network Monitor to latest version

How shall I perform upgrading IPHost to last available versions?

Q: A new major version of IPHost Network Monitor is available. What shall I do to upgrade to it as seamlessly as possible?

A: In general, to upgrade to new IPHost version, you only need to download new version, run (as Administrator) and follow on-screen instructions (as you could do earlier, when upgrading your previous versions).

Note that we strongly recommend making backup of your current monitoring database files before performing any upgrade.

Important: when IPHost is upgraded, all user changes (files modified, added) below IPHost installation directory can be lost. Before upgrading, make sure you backed up all the changes applied (most probably in conf/ and htdocs/ folders), otherwise you risk losing them.

Prior to upgrading, please take notice of IPHost version and build you’re currently using by clicking “Help -> About IPHost Network Monitor…” in IPHost GUI client. Depending on what you see, please take our recommendations below.

Versions prior to v3.1 build 6645

If you’re running IPHost which version or build is below v3.1 build 6645, please upgrade to v3.1 build 6645 first. To do that, download IPHost v3.1 build 6645 installation executable and run it on computer where IPHost is installed.

Versions above v3.1 build 6645 and below v3.5 build 8152

If you’re running IPHost which version or build is above v3.1 build 6645, but below v3.5 build 8152, please upgrade to v3.5 build 8152 first. To do that, download IPHost v3.5 build 8152 installation executable and run it on computer where IPHost is installed.

IPHost v3.5 build 8152 or later

If you’re running IPHost v3.5 build 8152 or later, just download the latest IPHost version and run it on computer where your current version of IPHost is installed.

Note: “later” means either v4 or v5 (any build).

Common instructions and notes

Version 4 distribution makes a backup copy of your monitoring database and all the monitoring settings, and stores those in

%PROGRAMDATA%\IPHost Network Monitor.pre-4

folder (in Windows Vista and later versions, it’s usually C:\ProgramData). Only after current IPHost state is backed up, actual upgrade to new version shall commence.

In case you de-install new version later, during uninstallation process you will be offered to restore the previous version from backup copy. You will also be given URL to download older IPHost version you need to re-install (in case you haven’t kept a local copy of that distribution executable).

In all other aspects, upgrade is self-explanatory process; you will be given all the required information as it progresses.

If you’re using Remote Network Agent(s), upgrade them to the version matching your IPHost version.

Should you have any problems with upgrade don’t hesitate to contact technical support.