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OID list for port broadcast

Sys Bridge Port Rate Limit Receive Broadcast Enabled
a3ComSysBridgePortRateLimitReceiveBroadcastEnabled (defined in A3COM-SWITCHING-SYSTEMS-BRIDGE-MIB)
This object determines whether a port participates in broadcast rate limiting set by the object a3ComSysBridgeRateLimitReceiveBroadcast
Chassis Control Ethernet Port Broadcast
chasControlEthPortBcast (defined in CHASSIS-MIB)
The IP network broadcast address of the Ethernet Mgmt. Port.
port Broadcast Frames
portBroadcastFrames (defined in 3comab9300)
Number of broadcast frames received on port
World Wide Packets Containment Broadcast Port Id
wwpContainmentBroadcastPortId (defined in WWP-CONTAINMENT-MIB)
The Id of the port for which this entry contains the containment settings. This value corresponds to the same portId for this port defined in the object wwpPortStatsPortId as defined in the MIB wwpPortStatsMIB.
per Port Nbp In Broadcast Requests
perPortNbpInBroadcastRequests (defined in rfc1742)
The number of NBP Broadcast Requests received on this port.
fps Port Broadcast Status
fpsPortBroadcastStatus (defined in ctfps-mib)
Current state of this port's bit in the Broadcast Mask (LUFW). If enabled the FPS will forward broadcast packets to this port.
Cabletron Translation Broadcast X Port
ctTransBcastXPort (defined in ctron-translation-mib)
The MIB-II interface number of the port for which this entry is administering broadcast conversion translation.
switch Port Broadcast Packets
switchPortBroadcastPackets (defined in elh100-mib)
The number of good broadcast frames received by the port.
Cisco 2900 Port Broadcast Storm Action
c2900PortBroadcastStormAction (defined in CISCO-C2900-MIB)
Indicates what action to take when the broadcast rising threshold for a port is reached. The default action is to forwardBroadcast(2) as usual for all broadcast frames received from the port. The other action is to stopBroadcastForwarding(1) frames until the broadcast reception rate falls to or below the falling threshold. The port can also be shutdown in the event of a broadcast storm with the action disablePort(3).
Cisco 2900 Port Broadcast Rising Threshold
c2900PortBroadcastRisingThreshold (defined in CISCO-C2900-MIB)
The broadcast rising threshold is measured in the number of broadcast frames received on a port in a second. When the number of broadcast frames received per second on this port crosses this threshold, the appropriate action as specified by the object c2900PortBroadcastStormAction will take place. See the description of c2900PortBroadcastStormAction.
Cisco 2900 Port Broadcast Falling Threshold
c2900PortBroadcastFallingThreshold (defined in CISCO-C2900-MIB)
The broadcast falling threshold is measured in number of broadcast frames received on a port in a second. When the falling threshold is crossed and the c2900PortBroadcastStormAction was stopBroadcastForwarding(1) then broadcast forwarding will be re-enabled on the port. For the other values of c2900PortBroadcastStormAction, crossing the falling threshold has no affect.
Cisco 2900 Port Broadcast Storm Alarm
c2900PortBroadcastStormAlarm (defined in CISCO-C2900-MIB)
When set to true(1), the switch will generate a broadcastStorm notification upon detecting a port is receiving broadcast packets at a rate higher than or equal to the threshold specified by c2900PortBroadcastRisingThreshold. When set to false(2), no such trap will be issued. Default value: false(2). c2900PortBroadcastStormAlarm is defined for each port.
Cisco 2900 Port Rx Suppress Broadcast Frames
c2900PortRxSuppressBcastFrames (defined in CISCO-C2900-MIB)
A count of broadcast frames received that were discarded because of the threshold-based broadcast suppression. This object is deprecated, because there is no way that the Malibu system to give the brodcast_supress frames
Cisco 2900 Port Tx Broadcast Frames
c2900PortTxBroadcastFrames (defined in CISCO-C2900-MIB)
A count of frames that are successfully transmitted and are directed to the broadcast address. Unlike RFC1573's ifOutBroadcastPkts, this object does not include those that were discarded or not sent.

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