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OID list for "status time"

IBM APPN Node Link Stations Status Time
ibmappnNodeLsStatusTime (defined in rfc1593)
Time (in hundreds of a second) since this node was last initialized.
Cabletron ATMLANE Info Ext Status Time Left
ctATMLANEInfoExtStatusTimeLeft (defined in ctatm-config-mib)
A string used to describe the amount of time left in a certain LEC state before the LEC will try again in that state. This will read NULL if the LEC is operational.
inb Monarch Status Time Stamp
inbMonarchStatusTimeStamp (defined in ctinb-mib)
This object represents the value of sysUptime when the Monarch last changed.
sfps Service Center Facility Status Time
sfpsServiceCenterFacilityStatusTime (defined in ctron-sfps-base-mib)
Time Tick of last operStatus change.
sfps Agent Bindery Config Status Time
sfpsAgentBinderyConfigStatusTime (defined in ctron-sfps-bindery-mib)
Time tick of last OperStatus change.
sfps Service Center Path Status Time
sfpsServiceCenterPathStatusTime (defined in ctron-sfps-path-mib)
Time Tick of last operStatus change.
sfps Service Center Connect Status Time
sfpsServiceCenterConnectStatusTime (defined in ctron-sfps-conn-mib)
Time Tick of last operStatus change.
sfps Service Center Directory Status Time
sfpsServiceCenterDirectoryStatusTime (defined in ctron-sfps-directory-mib)
Time Tick of last operStatus change.
sfps Service Center Flood Status Time
sfpsServiceCenterFloodStatusTime (defined in ctron-sfps-flood-mib)
Time Tick of last operStatus change.
sfps Service Center Policy Status Time
sfpsServiceCenterPolicyStatusTime (defined in ctron-sfps-policy-mib)
Time Tick of last operStatus change.
sfps Service Center Resolve Status Time
sfpsServiceCenterResolveStatusTime (defined in ctron-sfps-resolve-mib)
Time Tick of last operStatus change.
sfps Multicast Facility Status Time
sfpsMcastFacilityStatusTime (defined in ctron-sfps-softlink-mib)
sfps Uplink Facility Status Time
sfpsUplinkFacilityStatusTime (defined in ctron-sfps-softlink-mib)
sfps Service Center Topology Status Time
sfpsServiceCenterTopologyStatusTime (defined in ctron-sfps-topology-mib)
Time Tick of last operStatus change.
vlan Name Status Time
vlanNameStatusTime (defined in ctron-sfps-vlan-mib)
The amount of time that this Vlan has been in its current operational state.
Enterasys Snmp Persistence Status Time
etsysSnmpPersistenceStatusTime (defined in enterasys-snmp-persistence-mib)
The value of sysUpTime when etsysSnmpPersistenceStatus was last updated. If etsysSnmpPersistenceStatus has not been updated since initialization the value zero is returned.
appn Link Station Status Time
appnLsStatusTime (defined in APPN-MIB)
Time when the exception condition occurred. This time can be used to identify when this event occurred in relation to other events in the APPN node, for example, the time at which an APPC session was either terminated or failed to be established. This latter time is available in the appcHistSessTime object in the APPC MIB.
appn Is In Globe Control Status Time
appnIsInGlobeCtrStatusTime (defined in APPN-MIB)
The time since the appnIsInGlobeCtrOperStatus object last changed, measured in hundredths of a second. This time can be used to identify when this change occurred in relation to other events in the agent, such as the last time the APPN node was reinitialized.
Cisco Call Home Smtp Server Status Time Stamp
ccmSmtpServerStatusTimeStamp (defined in CISCO-CALLHOME-MIB)
This object indicates the time when ccmSmtpServerStatusTable was last updated, either by a SNMP Servers check by ccmSmtpServerStatusInitiate or by a change in the SMTP servers configured in ccmSmtpServersTable.
Cisco Cluster Status Time Of Last Change
ccStatusTimeOfLastChange (defined in CISCO-CLUSTER-MIB)
The value of sysUpTime on the command switch when the last time the value of an instance of ccMemberOperStatus changed. The value 0 indicates that no member's status has ever changed since commander system initialization.
Cisco Error Disable If Status Time To Recover
cErrDisableIfStatusTimeToRecover (defined in CISCO-ERR-DISABLE-MIB)
Time left before the system attempts an automatic recovery of the interface or the vlan of the given interface. If no recovery is scheduled, then the value of this object is '0'.

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