IPHost Monitor – MIBs for Firewall Service Module

The EtherSwitch 1400 combines high-speed configuration flexibility with exceptional affordability for workgroup applications.

SNMP monitoring is widely used by IPHost clients and makes your network monitoring tasks simple.With the IPHost SNMP tool, you can monitor any SNMP objects of theFirewall Service Module.You can select a variable to monitor using the built-in MIB browser that provides youwith all variables supported by theFirewall Service Module, their current values and descriptions taken from MIBs.

List of Mibs
for SNMP management and monitoring ofFirewall Service Module

    An Internet Standard MIB for basic management of ATM interfaces and VCCs in ATM end-systems and ATM switches.
    This MIB module defines a set of managed objects that instrument devices that conform to the IEEE 802.1 standards for MAC-layer bridges.
    MIB module for management of the Cisco Discovery Protocol in Cisco devices.
    The Structure of Management Information for the Cisco enterprise.
    This MIB module defines textual conventions used throughout Cisco enterprise MIBs.
    “The MIB module for the management of theVLAN Membership within the frame work of CiscoVLAN Architecture, v 2.0 by Keith McCloghrie. The MIBprovides information on VLAN Membership Policy Serversused by a device and VLAN membership assignments ofnon-trunk bridge ports of the device.”
    MIB module for entities implementing the VTP protocol and Vlan management.
    MIB for the Catalyst 1900 and 2820, Catalyst 2100 and 2800, EtherSwitch 12XX and 14XX
    This is the Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) Management Information Base module.
    MIB for configuration, performance, and fault management of ATM LAN Emulation Clients
  • RFC1213-MIB
    This RFC defines the second version of the Management Information Base (MIB-II) for use with network management protocols in TCP/IP-based internets.
    This Management Information Base contains standard information relating to Remote Network Monitoring.
  • RS-232-MIB
    MIB module for RS-232-like hardware devices.

You can startFirewall Service Modulemonitoring using free 30-day trial version of IPHost Network Monitor right now.Witn IPHost SNMP monitor you can monitor network performance, audit network usage, detect network faults, or inappropriate access. The IPHost’s SNMP monitor can communicate and interact with any SNMP-enabled device.

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Windows Interface Screenshot Web Interface Screenshot

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