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IPHost Network Monitor allows you to test and monitor performance parameters of network routers. You can select which variable to monitor using built-in MIB browser that provides you with all variables supported by router, their current values and descriptions taken from MIBs.

Network routers are network devices that forward data packets between computer networks. The forwarding rules are under user control (thus routers are different from network switches). There are both hardware and software routers.

Routers provide connectivity between networks and often implement certain other networking features (such as firewalls, VPNs, QoS (prioritizing packets), network proxy, port forwarding, WiFi access point and so on). As firewall, routers often serves as a security-enforcing device, especially as edge router (the one forwarding traffic from external network into local one).

Typical routers monitoring use cases

Apart from gathering general health stats from router devices, their monitoring reflects primary router functions (as well as maintenance tasks), such as

  • detecting network congestion and (as an action) redirecting traffic
  • checking ISP accessibility and, optionally, switching between several ISPs to maintain connectivity
  • traffic accounting (gathering stats of traffic consumed per user/device)

Specifics of SNMP routers monitoring are defined by the device’ purpose and can vary depending on its exact functions.

List of MIBs used to monitor router devices

    The MIB module used to describe the ArrowPoint Communications logging functionality.
    Management information base in SMI v2 for the AirPort and AirPort Extreme Base Station (v3).
    Private MIB for AR series Remote Access Router; Private MIB for Rapier series layer 3 switches.
    MIB module to describe and store the call information of the routers for accounting purposes.
    This MIB manages the generic CAS (Channel Associated Signal) or DS0 clear channel Interfaces in the router.
    This MIB facilitates writing of configuration filesof an SNMP Agent running Cisco’s IOS in the following ways: to and from the net, copying running configurations to startup configurations and vice-versa, and copying a configuration(running or startup) to and from the localIOS file system.
    This is the Cisco Fabric MIB module for c12000 series of routers. This MIB module is used for managing/tracking the c12000 fabric entities and fabric related configuration, status and statistics information.
    Cisco Huge Fast Router/Switch Fabric MIB module. This MIB module is used for managing/tracking the Huge Fast Router fabric entities and/or fabric related configuration, state and statistics information.
    The Extension MIB module for the CISCO-HSRP-MIB which isbased on RFC2281.This MIB provides an extension to the CISCO-HSRP-MIB which defines Cisco’s proprietary Hot Standby Routing Protocol(HSRP), defined in RFC2281. The extensions cover assigning of secondary HSRP ip addresses, modifying an HSRP Group’s priority by tracking the operational status of interfaces,etc.
    The MIB module provides a means to monitor and configurethe Cisco IOS proprietary Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP). Cisco HSRP protocol is defined in RFC2281.
    Router image MIB which identifies the capabilities and characteristics of the image.
    MIB module to describe the status of the ISDN Interfaces on the routers.
    This MIB manages the ISDN BRI integrated U Interface in the router.
    This MIB module is for the management of Cisco’s per port rate-limiting and traffic shaping on L3 switch/Router Platform(s).
    This MIB module provides the ability to use SNMP to monitor in real time the number of PPPoE sessions on permanent virtual circuits (PVCs) and on the router.
    Analog Voice Interface MIB module. This MIB manages the E&M, FXO and FXS Interfaces in the router.
    This module contains AppleTalk specific router MIB object definitions.
    This MIB module contains the definitions of Management Objects applicable to the switching router. These objects should be independent to any routing protocol.
    This MIB contains managed object definitions for the Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Router as defined in: Rosen, E., Viswanathan, A., and R.Callon, Multiprotocol Label Switching Architecture,Internet Draft ,February 2000.
    Agent capabilities for MPLS-LSR-MIB.
    This Management Information Base module contains information regarding polling the chassis information (specifically the chassis serial number) from Cisco routers and switches. tarting with IOS 12.0, all objects defined in this MIB have been deprecated…
    MIB module for management of PIM routers.

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Windows Interface Screenshot Web Interface Screenshot

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