Is it possible to monitor network speed?

Is it possible to monitor network speed?

Q: I need to know if it is possible to monitor network speed. Meaning I would like to set up an alert that would alert me if the response time from the ping is above X ms, so I know when there are possible slowdown on the network. Can this be done with your software, and if yes, can you explain how to create the monitor to do this?

A: Yes. First of all you need to choose some server (host) you will ping to measure network speed. You should know either DNS name or IP address of this host. After that you may follow the instruction at Help: Add Monitor and create PING monitor for this host.

Once monitor is created you need to specify a threshold values to use to send alerts. Alerts in IPHost are sent upon monitor state changes, so you need to instruct IPHost to switch monitor to Warning state once the response time is above X ms. To do so, choose the created monitor in the TreeView. and go to the monitor State Conditions tab. Add Warning State Conditions section. Set the Response Time Limit value and click Save button.

By default IPHost sends an email alert once the monitor goes to Warning state. You can specify email address to send email to on Settings dialog (“Settings” button on toolbar) Email Settings page.

See more information about advanced aleting rules and alerts

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