Mutual monitoring of IPHost installations

Q: I have IPHost installed and running, but how can I be sure it’s running and monitoring is active?

A: To make sure IPHost installation is actually active, monitoring service is running and monitoring performed, you need to monitor IPHost installation itself. Otherwise, if it fails, you have no clues on whether monitoring is actually in progress.

The simplest approach is to install IPHost on another computer (so that the computer with primary IPHost installation could be directly connected) and create Windows Service monitor checking for presence of IPHost monitoring service.

On third step of New Monitor Wizard, enter service name “IPHost Network Monitor” (without quotes; make sure you specify proper credentials and leave no extra white space in service name):

IPHost monitoring service Windows Service monitor

Set reasonable polling interval and alerting. After that, if you have primary IPHost installation monitoring service gone down, you will be notified and can react promptly.

Note that you should monitor, exactly for the same reason, that auxiliary IPHost installation is active (otherwise, you have no guarantee the health of primary IPHost could be checked). The simplest solution is to monitor it from IPHost primary installation, using the same approach.

If you can install more than single auxiliary IPHost installation, then make sure every one of those monitors both primary installation and other auxiliary installation(s) in the manner mentioned above (and make all auxiliary ones monitored from IPHost primary installation). If at least one of auxiliary installation is outside the primary’s network and uses alternate Internet connection, you still rise chances the primary IPHost monitoring service shutdown won’t remain unnoticed.

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